Birds of the World L.E. - Eastern Bluebird

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The Eastern Bluebird is our second fountain pen in the Birds of the World series carrying The Chicago Pen Company brand name.

We teamed up with renowned pen artist Dan Symonds to create the second pen in our Birds of the World series.  Take a look at his bio here.  

This fountain pen is Dan's Standard pen and is made from custom acrylic in colors matching the Eastern Bluebird.  It is available in a Bock #6 nib of either steel or 18K gold plated in EF, F, M, and B nib sizes.  Limited to 20 pieces.

The custom acrylic is made by Dan Cobler of Provincial Mills to our color specifications.

Custom nib grinding is available via the Pen Realm.  Please contact us directly if interested and we will work with Kirk to make what you want.

Warranted for the life of The Chicago Pen Company.