The quote on our home page with our logo is by Nigel 'Fennel' Hudson.  He is an author, broadcaster, publisher, and editor, located in the UK.  Best of all, Fennel is a fountain pen enthusiast!  We highly recommend reading A Writer's Year, Fennel's Journal No. 3, which can be purchased signed by visiting his site here.  Be sure to check out the other pages on his site which include links to his podcasts and blog.

Other quotes of Fennel's that we like which are related to pens:

"Writing with a biro* is the emotional equivalent of giving your loved one a plastic rose on Valentine's Day."

"Vintage fountain pens have provenance that makes a traditionalist go weak at the knuckles."

"Proper writing ink comes in a bottle, can be swirled like brandy in a glass, and smells like apple blossom after rain."

*For those unfamiliar, a biro is a ballpoint.

We end with Fennel's motto:  "Stop - Unplug - Escape - Enjoy."