Classic Black Skull

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This collection includes fountain pens and ballpoints in different color combinations. Pocket–sized, 4.9 inches in length, the pens from Minima collection have streamlined, rounded or faceted bodies. The collection offers portable writing instruments to carry everywhere with the models’ small size allowing the pens to fit conveniently into any pockets and bags.


The Classic Black Skull Minima is made from an opaque resin, with skulls carved into the barrel. It uses a #5 Silver Schmidt Nib.


Body material: resin

Ring material: acrylic resin

Length Capped: 12.6 cm / 4.9 inches

Weight: 18 gr

Cap: Screw On, the cap can not be posted

Nib: Schmidt, stainless steel, available nib width - EF, F, M, B
Cartridge: Standard short international size