This is our company's initial pen design. 

As we discussed making the pen we set the goal to have one that was outside the norm for fountain pens.  A pen with 'character' in the form of curves.  We then added a diamond to the top of the cap.  For the barrel, we created a cut that would feel comfortable to most hands holding it and made it postable for those that wanted a thicker and longer barrel.  We have received an overwhelming response of positive feedback on this pen and are proud to offer it.  Oh, and take a close look at the nib.  It is custom engraved with our company logo. 

Our pens are made by our company in the USA.  We can make a pen out of a material of your choice.  Contact us for more information.


What's in the box: Sheba pen with Bock #6 nib; international standard cartridge converter; a Popov Leather pen sleeve; a sticker if we haven't run out of them; our appreciation.